Arbutus Analyzer

Intelligent technology for impactful insights

Analytics solutions to help you become a better advisor through progressive and complementary analytics driving assurance in business data, processes and controls.

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Desktop analytics

High performance, easy to deploy audit analytics for the desktop. Arbutus responds to the exacting demands of today’s audit analytic power users, while providing an intuitive interface and accessible data analysis capabilities for newer or less technical users. Share and collaborate easily with team members or throughout organisation.

Why Arbutus Analyzer?

Powerful business advantages.

Arbutus 6.3 gives you analytics solutions that best meet the challenging demands you and your team face. You can become better advisors to the organization through progressive and complementary analytics that drive assurance in business data, processes and controls.
  • Data discovery - Expanded data acces and discovery.
  • Data Prep and Combine - It’s now even easier to prep and combine data for analysis and visualisation.
  • Targeted Results - Get more focused, meaningful results with one step- whether reporting in Analyzer or outputting to other reporting and data visualization tools.
  • Performance - Increased speed and performance.
  • Interactive Apps - Create a more comprehensive suite of customized Arbutus Apps that offer a better, more intuitive user experience.

Your critical advantage to successful analytics.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Through high usability, powerful processing, and sharing and collaboration made simple, audit teams can achieve significant improvements in utilization and results. Easily automate previously manual tasks and employ repeatable analytics for improved efficiency.

Collaborate and share better.

Arbutus supports a centralized, collaborative environment that is integrated into the desktop for better team sharing and efficiency. Minimize the risks of employee turnover and provide a helpful, supportive knowledge repository for new members.

Perform and support deep data analytics more simply.

Effectively engage all levels of users with sophisticated analytics, along with simple to use features, built-in scripts and easy deployment of tests.

Overcome data issues and reliance on IT.

Effectively testing organizational data means overcoming barriers within your complex IT environment and existing analysis solutions. Arbutus technology reduces data usage barriers and helps you get the results you need.

Arbutus 6.3: Arbutus continues to expand the functionality our user community relies on, while optimizing performance and simplifying the user experience.