Arbutus Analyzer


Use your existing tools to gain access to better data and results.

Enhance your existing analysis and reporting tools

For most teams and organizations, the individual requirements, skills and experience for using analytics will vary. Supporting the varied access and analytics needs of a group can represent significant challenges for management, administers (IT) and end users.

Get more value from your analytics tools

ConnectPlus enhances and extends the value you receive from your existing analysis and reporting solutions. It is software that connects most Windows-based applications, whether server or desktop, to your data sources in a simple and effective manner.

If you like the strong analytics and data access capabilities of Arbutus but, recognize that not everyone can or should switch away from tools they are comfortable with like Excel, then ConnectPlus may be the ideal solution for your team.

ConnectPlus allows auditors, managers, and other business users to:

Continue using Excel as their preferred primary analysis and reporting tool
Integrate Arbutus’ best of breed data access and analytics with current or planned end user applications
Extend the specialized analytics capabilities of Arbutus into your spreadsheets and data visualization software.
Cleanse and enhance your data dynamically as part of the connection.
Set up access to challenging data sources from SAP to Mainframe legacy data

Arbutus 6.3: Arbutus continues to expand the functionality our user community relies on, while optimizing performance and simplifying the user experience.