Arbutus Analyzer

Mainframe Server

Arbutus technology reduces data usage barriers and helps you get the results you need.

Work with your mainframe data like it was on your c: drive.

The Arbutus Mainframe Server application enables direct, real-time access to, and analysis of, all data sources, including DB2, IMS, ADABAS, VSAM, ISAM, and sequential (QSAM) flat files.

Commitment to mainframe environments

The mainframe (zSeries) platform still represents a core, strategic part of many organisations’ processing platforms. It also represents a challenging environment for end-user data access and analysis. Arbutus is committed to helping our customers work with challenging data sources and challenging platforms like the IBM Mainframe.


The Arbutus AS/400 servers specialize in reading both relational and non-relational data sources, including the most complex legacy file structures.
The servers enable each of these data sources to appear as a table in a single unified database.
Even though the data may be physically disparate, the tables may be combined in any manner desired, irrespective of the original data source.
Easily moved between server platforms or from the server to the desktop
Data and databases can be easily brought together from multiple platforms for analysis and reporting purposes.
Depending on requirements, analysis can take place on either the server, the desktop, or a combination of each.
The servers also allows analysis to occur against ‘live’ data or staged data, providing complete analysis flexibility.
Data access can be controlled by a central administrator, whether on-site or from a remote location

Arbutus 6.3: Arbutus continues to expand the functionality our user community relies on, while optimizing performance and simplifying the user experience.