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Table drilldown

Drilldown has expanded beyond log results. You can now interact with your data output by simply double clicking on a cell. This works for all commands that aggregate data including CLASSIFY, STRATIFY, SUMMARIZE, AGE, CROSSTAB and Benford Analysis.

The DIALOGUE command

You can now create a more comprehensive suite of customized Arbutus Apps to support users at all levels. These features include:

  • Editing dynamic dropdown lists
  • An unlimited number of controls
  • New long string fields (up to 32K)
  • Dropdowns now support multiple selection of values.

The CLASSIFY command

Customise your output from the powerful CLASSIFY command. Sort your results descending by size or show only the largest values. The improved CLASSIFY command lets you get more focused, meaningful results in a single step.

Arbutus Analyzer - Classify

Temporarily suspend queries

Administration of scheduled/centralized analytics is now easier. If you have a need to temporarily suspend an analytic, you no longer need to unscheduled or remove. You can temporarily suspend your query and the most recent password will now automatically be used.

SQL stored procedures

Access and run SQL Stored Procedures throughout the User Interface – Arbutus continues to support SQL as a complimentary way to query your databases.

ODBC drivers for REST

Arbutus additional ODBC Drivers for REST harness the power of cloud-based infrastructure and data sources to maximize the value of your analytics.

The APPEND Command

Easily combine multiple files of the same or disparate structure in one step. Unearth new analytics opportunities by using APPEND to combine disparate data.

Arbutus Analyzer - Append

The SUMMARIZE command

The output options for SUMMARIZE now go well beyond totaling/accumulate. Users can now specify 10 other values in their SUMMARIZE output greatly expanding the use and value when aggregating data with this powerful command. These expanded output values increase the type of analysis and reporting that can be done within Analyzer and when outputting results to other reporting or data visualization tools.

  • First value
  • Last value
  • Largest and smallest value
  • Total (the gives you the same result as the ACCUMULATE command)
  • Average
Arbutus Analyzer - Summarise

Field selection

Drag-and-drop field ordering and the ability to rename output fields.

The STRATIFY command

It’s now easier to integrate stratification results into your analytics. Stratify to a data file now explicitly states upper and lower bounds of each range.

The AGE command

Working with the results from the Arbutus’ built in AGING analysis is now much easier. This expands the type of analysis and reporting that can be done within Analyzer or when outputting results to other reporting or data visualisation tools.


Simplified administration of your database credentials.