Arbutus Analyzer

Windows Server

The foundational technology to centralized analytics.

Centralized analytics. Simplified.

The Arbutus Windows Server is the foundational component of the Audit Analytics Enterprise Edition, as well as an optional, but key part for Fraud Detection, Cost Recovery and Data Solutions. The Arbutus Windows Server is used to support a number of important capabilities that benefit from having a centralized platform.

Key capabilities

  • Scheduled analytics
  • After hours access to production data
  • Maintaining all sensitive and important data on secure servers
  • Additional processing performance for big data files
  • Offloading of time consuming analytics from production or desktop environments
  • World wide access to data, tests and results


Improved data access. All data sources needed can be accessed and/or staged in a central repository.
Support for automated and scheduled analytics.
Manage and share results across your team.
Greater processing performance.
Stronger data security. All your audit data can be stored and analyzed in a secure server environment
Centralize control: Administration and management of tests and data sources can be easily controlled
Worldwide access: Access your data, tests, and results no matter where your team is located
Easy deployment and use

Arbutus 6.3: Arbutus continues to expand the functionality our user community relies on, while optimizing performance and simplifying the user experience.