Arbutus solutions

Find deeper insights and drive real-time actions with Arbutus

  • Data solutions

  • Fraud detection solutions

  • Cost recovery solutions

Data solutions

Powerful, efficient solutions for migrating data, data quality, data access and integration.

Arbutus Software offers powerful, easy-to-implement, value based solutions for your data. Whether you are on the IT side or the business side, Arbutus can help you address needs in the areas of data quality, access, migration, staging and ETL.

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  • Data quality - Feel confident that your data is reliable, complete and ready for use.
  • Data access - Enable direct access to all of your data including complex, disparate and legacy sources.
  • Data migration - Moving off a legacy system like a mainframe? Arbutus has specific solutions for migrating off legacy platforms and systems.
  • Data staging - If you need to keep archived or migrated data easily accessible without the expensive, time consuming infrastructure of a data warehouse, Arbutus can help.
  • Extract transform load - Arbutus has solutions to move and transform your data that are high on capabilities and low on cost.

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Fraud detection solutions

Easily examine large volumes of transactional data in order to detect and deter corporate fraud.

Test and compare all types of organisational data

Arbutus provides specific data access and analysis capabilities for detecting fraud. It does this by allowing fraud examiners and forensic investigators to test and compare all types organizational data, whether financial, operational or security.

One solution for all your needs

Arbutus Fraud Detection combines comprehensive data access, analysis, and reporting into one intuitive and customizable analytics solution for both desktop or centralized deployment. Featuring built-in data analysis capabilities that allow end-users to develop and execute a comprehensive set of fraud tests, Arbutus Fraud Detection provides the best interface between your forensic expertise and the many sources of data containing the evidence you seek.

  • Easily test data across departments, organizations, or systems
  • Perform data analysis in a timely manner
  • Analyze data of unlimited size or complexity
  • Easily Develop and implement customized or automated fraud tests and indicators
  • Purpose-built interface and capabilities
  • Cost-effective solution compared to alternatives

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Cost recovery solutions

A unique offering of revenue recovery and cost recovery services.

Better analysis and better results

Transactions are at the heart of virtually all business risk, including revenue leakage and cost recovery. By analyzing 100% of your relevant data with the right technology and revenue recovery analytics, Arbutus allows you to deliver an unrivaled level of findings.

Find revenue recovery opportunities

Arbutus offers a powerful revenue leakage and cost recovery solution that is based on our proprietary technology and methodology. It is based on over 20 years of experience in working with hundreds of mid-size to large organizations in finding revenue recovery opportunities.

The Arbutus library of analytics can be applied within days to:

  • Accounts Payable / Vendor Management
  • General Ledger Journal Entry Surveillance
  • Travel & Entertainment / Procurement Cards Monitoring

Top fraud findings

Arbutus offers a few different offerings, each proven to generate top findings in the following areas:

  • Unapplied vendor credits
  • Unauthorized T&E expenses
  • Duplicate vendors
  • Procure to pay process efficiencies
  • Improved travel policy
  • Inactive vendors
  • Phony vendor and billings
  • Phony employee charges
  • Duplicate payments
  • Vendors appearing on “watch” lists
  • Over-priced purchased goods
  • Payment discounts not taken
  • Improved payment terms
  • Tax ID (TIN) Matching
  • Improved vendor negotiations
  • Reduced business expenses

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