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The ANU has purchased a Stata site licence. This provides access to all current academics, faculty, researchers, staff and students (including undergraduates), with a valid ANU email address access to download and install Stata onto their ANU device or their home use device.

Stata works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Refer to for additional information.

To access the download you must register here (please register only once in a calendar month). We will send you an email to your ANU email with logon credentials. Credentials are valid until the 1st of each month, at which time they are reset.


Step 1: In which faculty are you based?


Step 2: Confirm your ANU details

ANU email:

I accept the terms and conditions of use of Stata and any additional limitations imposed by the Australian National University, including, that I understand that this licence is for my own personal use with respect to my affiliation with the Australian National University, and that I may not use this licence for commercial enterprise or grant access to persons / organisations outside of the ANU for their use of the software. I understand that the ANU may direct me to remove the licence from all devices for which I am responsible at any time and failure to do so may result in me personally needing to pay the ANU for use of the software or reimburse the ANU for costs associated with the use and distribution of the software. Should I seek to use Stata for commercial, or in my capacity as a public servant, I acknowledge that I should purchase appropriate licences from Survey Design and Analysis Services, distributors of Stata in Australia.

I accept the terms and conditions of use of the ANU Stata licence and Stata end user licence agreement.

On any correspondence relating to this request please quote reference number: