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Supported applications

See full list of supported programs and data sources on the Stat/Transfer overview page.

General features

  • Worksheet pages can be concatenated into a single output file.
  • Value label tags and sets can be preserved.
  • SAS value labels can now be read form transport files, CPORT files, datasets, and catalogs.
  • JMP support has been expanded.
  • Users can specify any delimiter for ASCII files and can combine adjacent block delimiters.
  • Generated programs and ASCII files can now preserve input widths.
  • In R and S-Plus, factors can now be converted to numeric variables with labels to string variables.
  • Support for longer string variables and longer value and variable labels has been added; Stat/Transfer is compatible with the limits of all supported programs.
  • A built-in logging and FTP facility is now available for troubleshooting.
  • Data viewer allows you to preview data in a scrollable grid before you perform your transfer.
  • Option to control the version and "flavor" of the output Stata dataset that will be written by Stat/Transfer.
  • Web self-update (Windows version).
  • Wildcards for tables and worksheet pages (move multiple tables in a single command).
  • Complete online documentation.
  • Preserves all of the precision of your data.
  • Support for extended (.A–.Z) missing values in Stata and SAS.
  • Produces HTML tables from data.
  • Automatically selects appropriate output dataset storage types.
  • Automatically optimizes output dataset storage types.
  • Allows manual control over output dataset storage types.
  • Produces missing values automatically.
  • Preserves variable names, value labels, and variable labels.
  • Supports value labels for string variables.
  • Allows selection of subsets of variables and cases for transfer.
  • Allows choice of worksheet page.
  • Runs in both menu-driven and batch modes.
    • Optionally enter transfer commands with copylike syntax.
    • Optionally build batch jobs and shortcuts for repetitive transfers.
    • Extensive options for customization.
  • Stat/Transfer will check whether the number of variables that have been selected and if that exceeds the maximum permitted by the target program it will inform you that too many variables have been selected.
  • There is no limit on the number of observations.

Command processor features

  • The command processor now has a flexible syntax for specifying input and output tables simultaneously.
  • The command processor now allows multiple input files to be combined into a single output file.
  • Automatic wildcard transfers (e.g., copy *.dta *.sd2).
  • Build batch jobs and shortcuts for repetitive transfers.
  • Directly zip files or run other DOS or Windows programs.
  • Enter transfer commands with a copylike syntax.
  • Keep or drop processing for field selection.
  • Save ODBC information for prompt-free connections.

Date/time support

  • Time and date-time types.
  • User-configurable formats for both reading and writing.
  • Fully Year-2000 (and Year-1600) compliant.

User interface features

  • Quick variable selection using wildcards and ranges.
  • More control over how worksheet ranges and field names are read.
  • Easy output path selection using a most-recently-used list.
  • More control over how user-missing values are processed.

More information

Refer to the Stat/Transfer End User Licence Agreement

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