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Version 15

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Stat/Transfer is an amazing utility. It allows transfer of data between many different packages, without the need for manipulation of the data, re-coding of data or the examination of the converted data. It just works.

Sometimes there can be problems that require trouble-shooting. If this happens, consult the manual, or give us a call on 02 6247 0177. We will endeavour to fix the problem o pass the problem through to Circle System if we are unable to resolve.

Stat/Transfer manual
Stat/Transfer 15 - User manual

Try fast, effective and easy data transfer today with Stat/Transfer.

Stat/Transfer provides both an easy-to-use menu interface and a powerful batch facility. Whether you are moving a simple table from Excel to SAS or moving megabytes of survey data between statistical packages, Stat/Transfer will save you time and money.

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