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Content analysis and text mining software for fast and precise processing of large amounts of unstructured information.


Survey Design and Provalis Research are pleased to be involved with the following conferences.

At these conferences you can meet representatives from SDAS and / or Provalis Research and learn how WordStat can help academics, consultants, professionals, researchers and students extract more from their unstructured data.

SDAS TechTips

A tips and guidance site dedicated to providing tips on WordStat and other data analytics packages. It provides "how-to" steps for simple WordStat tasks through to more complex graphs and techniques in WordStat.

SDAS TechTips

Consultants available to help with WordStat

Dr Con Menictas

Dr Con Menictas

Con is CEO of Strategic Precision, a statistical consulting and research company that specialises in Data, Research and Strategy, fusing all three together to offer clients a total overall data and research solution.

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Dr Gwin Nyakuengama

Dr Gwin Nyakuengama

Gwin founded DatAnalytics to provide ethical and reliable data analytics and advice. He has over 20 years experience in the Australian Federal Government and the private sector.

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David White

David White

David is a director with SDAS and an experienced data analyst. He has been performing analyses in WordStat for more than four years and authored an analysis of Donald Trump's tweets using WordStat.

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The WordStat manual

While ther WordStat 8 manual is still in development, the WordStat 7 manual provides a good background on the key components of WordStat 8.

WordStat 7 Manual
Provalis Research LinkedIn Forum

Do you need help with WordStat? Do you need access to users around the world using WordStat. Share your thoughts and questions on the LinkedIn Provalis Research Forum.

In the WordStat LinkedIn Forum users discuss QDA Miner, WordStat and text analysis. Join the forum to help others and learn from their experience. Communicate with Provalis Research or get support from other users.

In class or from the comfort of your own home.

There is a range of WordStat webinars and short-courses available to you across the globe.

WordStat Tutorial videos

Learn the features of WordStat that make it stand-out in the field of text analytics
Here are selection of videos:

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The Text Analytics Blog

Here you will find articles and commentaries on the use of WordStat, text analytics and mixed methods models.

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